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Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and other organizations spend a lot of money to buy or rent their facility, pay insurance, taxes, and generally maintain their venue every day of the year. But they actually use the space perhaps a third or half of that time. So how can they get the most value from their investment?

Through Unique Spaces, organizations get to share their space with users needing occasional meeting places or special event venues that are local, accessible, interesting, and reasonably priced. In the process, the space owner can both earn revenue to offset some costs, and introduce their business or group to new prospective customers and partners who attend functions held in their space. Their venue is also featured at its best in beautiful images and descriptions on our website!

About the President​

Cecile Peterkin, FounderCecile Peterkin is the president and a founder of the company. Cecile understands the needs and challenges of SMBs well. After her 17 year career building an investment company from inception to eventual sale to a major firm, she developed two other highly successful companies in the business of career coaching and mentoring.

Cecile has also spent much of her life in service to the broader community with over 30 years of extensive volunteer work. With experience sitting on various Non-Profit Boards as Leader, Board Member, and Chair of various committees, she is completely aware of the imperatives of the Non-Profit sector. In particular, Cecile has taken many leadership roles in fund raising initiatives – the lifeblood of Non-Profits. She sees Unique Spaces as a special opportunity for that sector to unlock new opportunities to tap into their community, create new partnerships and raise the funding essential for their missions.

Cecile’s passion to improve the success of SMBs and Non-Profit organizations is reflected in Unique Spaces’ mandate: to serve those looking to get the most impact for their hard-earned dollars while broadening their reach and enhancing their community exposure.