Choosing the Best Ticketing System for Your Toronto Event

Choosing the Best Ticketing System for Your Toronto Event

Don’t you just love the feeling of having a ticket in your pocket?

Whether it’s for the movies, a hot Toronto event space, or a flight to the tropics in winter, a ticket gives you a sense of power and potential! You have somewhere to go, and only those with a ticket like yours can get in. That’s the power of a ticket!

But just like the golden ticket in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, not just any old ticket will do. Sure, you could simply buy a roll of numbered paper tickets to let people into your Toronto event space… or you could go the extra mile and use a professional ticketing system!

Surprisingly, ticketing systems are not as expensive to use as you might think. The question is, which ticketing system is the perfect fit for you to let people into your Toronto venue? Unique Spaces has compiled some of the most popular ticketing systems to help you make your decision!


EventBrite is one of the most popular event ticket stores online, offering excellent customer support, a variety of payment options, and affordable prices—even for smaller events at Toronto venues. Unlike some ticketing services, you don’t need to pay any setup or monthly fees.

Their pricing depends on how much you’re selling your tickets for and the number you plan to sell. With this setup, if you were selling 200 tickets at $20 each, you’d make approximately $3,562. Depending on the number of people you expect to fit into your Toronto event space, it could be a great idea to go with a proven and professional service like EventBrite.


A popular service for sports and concerts, Stubhub also offers the ability to sell tickets for smaller events, like those you would hold in an intimate Toronto event space.

Rather than charge you a flat fee, Stubhub takes a percentage of each ticket sold. That fee can vary between 10% to 15%, depending on the price of the tickets and the number you’re aiming to sell. There is, however, no fee to merely list tickets for sale on the site.

Brown Paper Tickets

While Brown Paper Tickets isn’t as well-known or as large as some of its competitors, it does offer many advantages to those looking to do some Toronto event planning!

If you’re working on a tight budget, Brown Paper Tickets might be perfect for you as they don’t charge any fees for selling tickets. There is, however, a 99 cent + 5% charge to your ticket buyers.

Brown Paper Tickets also offer 24/7 live support, and even free ticket printing and shipping!


If you’re looking for a Canadian-owned ticketing system, then Ticketscene might be your best choice!

Unlike large-scale ticketing systems like Ticketmaster or EventBrite, Ticketscene tends to focus on smaller, more intimate events and concerts across Ontario, Toronto venues, and the rest of North America.

There are no setup or annual fees, you keep 100% of all sales revenues, and there are low convenience fees for patrons. This could make it an attractive possibility if you’re looking to support a Canadian business that caters to others looking to host events in Toronto event spaces.


Chances are that you’ve heard of Ticketmaster—after all, it’s one of the most well-known and popular ticketing systems in the world. If you’ve attended any large-scale events, concerts, or sporting events, you may have bought your ticket through Ticketmaster.

That said, the charges that Ticketmaster puts on their tickets can be very hefty. While they are undoubtedly a reliable service for selling tickets when you’re in the middle of Toronto event planning, other services might offer you better value for your money.

Of course, an effective ticketing system is only one aspect of Toronto event planning. If you’re looking for a unique Toronto venue, we invite you to find it through our website. And if you’d like to learn more about Unique Spaces, please check out our FAQ.

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