How to Find a Toronto Venue for your Next Event that Doesn’t Break the Bank!

Have you ever started to plan an event in Toronto, only to be shocked by the sky-high prices for venue rentals? Finding a Toronto event venue shouldn’t be this hard!

It’s the unfortunate reality about living in Toronto and the GTA; it’s incredibly expensive. If you’re looking for a place to live, the prices can be simply jaw-dropping. And event planners feel the same pain when they start looking for venues. Toronto event planners are faced with a major hurdle with the rent for a single booking eclipsing the cost of the event itself.

So, with rent being out of control in the city, how can you possibly hold an event without breaking the bank? The secret is that you need to get creative!

Traditional Toronto Event Venues Are Expensive

Rent basically boils down to supply and demand, and there is a LOT of demand out there for Toronto event spaces.

If you’re planning a wedding, we hope you booked the venue two years ahead! And even then, you’re going to be paying through the nose for it. Traditional event spaces know that they can charge premium prices and still find people who will pay them. After all, what’s the alternative?

And what are non-profits, artists, budding entrepreneurs, and small business owners to do if they want to break into the Toronto event market? How do you find an afforable Toronto venue?

Well, here is the dirty little secret about event spaces…

People don’t realize that there’s a cost-effective alternative.

That’s how they get away with it! People think that if they have an event, they MUST rent an expensive location. But it’s a false choice. They have another option:

They could rent a unique space!

Welcome to Unique Spaces: Toronto Event Venues

At Unique Spaces, we are shifting the Toronto venue rental paradigm by providing listings for unorthodox spaces available for rent for Toronto event planners.

Unique Spaces works with passionate and committed small and medium-sized business owners throughout Toronto, opening up their business locations to those looking to put on an event. It can be tough to run a small business and every bit of income helps. Many business owners around Toronto have realized that their offices, stores, cafes, and galleries could be precisely what budget-conscious Toronto event planners are looking for.

How Do I Find a Unique Event Space in Toronto?

Finding an affordable Toronto event space in is possible. Just visit our listings page to see a list of our unique venue rentals. We have spaces all over the city, ranging from barbershops to restaurants to art galleries. Once you see the spaces we have available, we invite you to let your creativity and imagination take over! Your event venue doesn’t have to be in a dull, nondescript space; instead it could become something magical, lively, and unforgettable just by holding it in a unique location!

Best of all, because these locations aren’t dedicated Toronto event spaces, you aren’t going to be paying the exorbitant fees that usually come with event planning. Instead, you’re going to be able to negotiate a deal that will fit perfectly within your budget. It’s really a win-win for you and for the business you partner with. You get an affordable and unique space and they get extra income!

Toronto Event Space Availability Can Be a Nightmare

Another excellent reason why you should be looking into unique spaces for your events is availability. Many dedicated event spaces in the city are booked up for months in advance. If you need a place right NOW for a fundraiser, seminar, party, photoshoot, or book launch, you’re likely going to be out of luck. But that’s where we come in. Many of our spaces have wide availability because they’re functioning as unrelated businesses 95% of the time!

And who knows; by renting one of these unique venues, you might even discover new businesses and organizations that could be excellent networking partners for the future!

List your Unique Toronto Venue

If you’re a Toronto business owner or run a non-profit and this idea has piqued your interest, we invite you to list your space on Unique Spaces. We have a modest listing fee for businesses (currently waives as part our launch promotion until further notice) and listings are entirely free for non-profit organizations. It’s a great way to bring in some extra cash during times when your business location would be sitting empty anyway! Just think about the money your gallery, bistro, salon, or office could be making during off hours? Renting your space out for Toronto event organizers could be like free money!

To discover how a unique Toronto event venue can transform your Toronto event into something extraordinary, we invite you to contact us today. We have multiple Toronto event venues that will not only perfectly suit your needs, but also perfectly fit your budget! Let us help you skip the event spaces line to put on the event of your dreams!

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