The space you work in supports the cause you work for!

Unique Spaces Venue Rental Toronto Ontario

As number of Non-Profit organizations come to grips with fewer dollars in donations and government funding, then it becomes important for you to think of a way to keep yourself in the game and raise more money. So how do you raise more money? What if I tell you that the space you use for your operations could off-set some costs and increase your income would you feel excited?

Welcome to Unique Spaces for Non-Profits – “How the space you work in supports the cause you work for.” Through the creations of some alliances we help Non-Profits in the GTA gain their ground financially. It helps you generate more donors, increases your supporters base and also creates a positive social impact and awareness in our communities. Unique Spaces does all of that at no cost to you. Isn’t that amazing?

Interesting and local venues will always be needed for various purposes including hosting a product launch, celebratory event, fundraising, team building appreciation event, or for a board retreat. However, the most challenging part of this for venue seekers is finding an appropriate and cost effective venue to suit their purpose. Unique Spaces is committed to connecting venue seekers to these interesting and affordable spaces provided by local Small and Medium size businesses (SMB’s) and Non-Profit organizations.

Why not take a step that will increase your visibility to donors at no charge at all? By simply listing your organization on Unique Spaces today you just put your organization on the way to the top. SMB’s pay a monthly fee for their space to get listed and may offer the use of their space at a concessionary rate to Non-Profit organizations.

Unique Space’s vision is to give Non-Profit organizations and local SMB’s the opportunity to earn extra income, increase visibility, supporters and donors. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help your organization achieve more success. So Register Now! List your organization and/or space and enjoy right away!

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