Toronto Neighbourhoods A Look at Ossington Village & Bloorcourt

Toronto Neighbourhoods A Look at Ossington Village Bloorcourt

What’s your favourite Toronto neighbourhood?

Honestly, we couldn’t pick one if you begged us! This entire city is incredible, with dozens upon dozens of neighbourhoods filled with unique character, stunning architecture, wonderful people, and varied businesses. When your job is looking for Toronto event venues, you get to know this city pretty well. So, every now and then, we’d like to feature one of Toronto’s excellent neighbourhoods and take a look at what makes them unique!

Today, we’re going to be looking at Ossington Village and Bloorcourt.

Ossington Village

Like many areas of Toronto, the Ossington area has gone through many ups and downs over the years. At the beginning of the 21st century, many people thought of it as a crime-infested area with industrial business related to cars and storage facilities. This started to change a little over ten years ago when entrepreneurs became attracted to the relatively low rents compared to Queen West, not to mention the close proximity to the Annex. Thus began Ossington’s rapid upward trajectory!

Dozens of restaurants, bars, and other service establishments started to open up on Ossington, leading to a “bar ban” that prevented any new bars from opening while a “study” was performed on the area. Thankfully, this ban was revoked in 2012. Since then, Ossington has become home to some remarkable establishments.

One of the nicest things about Ossington is that it has a feeling that it’s “out of time.” Many of the buildings are low-rises that were built in the 19th century. They’ve been maintained and/or restored, giving the neighbourhood a great deal of character.

While rents were cheap back in 2007, things have changed since then. Like everywhere else in the city, those rental rates are creeping up for residential and commercial properties alike.


Bloorcourt is nearby Ossington Village, but it’s a very different kind of a neighbourhood.

For years, Bloorcourt was the home of dozens of immigrant-owned businesses, ranging from restaurants to grocery stores. But unlike some other immigrant neighbourhoods in Toronto, this one didn’t concentrate on a particular nationality. It was as multicultural as the rest of Canada! Over time, a certain concentration of delicious Korean and Ethiopian restaurants started to prevail, but the area still presents a very mixed and beautiful mosaic of choices.

Soon, more people saw what this neighbourhood had to offer, and the low rents started to rise as new people moved in. Thankfully, many of the older businesses are still there. Even though their rents are much higher than they were in the old days, new foot traffic means that they’ve been able to keep afloat.

More recently, Bloorcourt has become home to Toronto’s Vegan Alley. There are at least half a dozen vegan restaurants, bakeries, and bars in the area that are much celebrated by the plant-based T.O. crowd.

Bloorcourt has become such a diverse and vibrant part of the city; it’s definitely one of our favourite areas in town.

Creative Toronto Event Venues

With the ever-increasing rent prices in Toronto, one of the ways that small businesses in the Bloorcourt and Ossington areas are looking to earn extra money is by renting out their spaces to Toronto event planners. It’s a win:win situation for both the venue and the renter. The venue can make some extra money in their off-hours, while the event planner can save some money by booking a non-traditional space, which is more affordable.

At Unique Spaces, we provide an opportunity for Toronto businesses to offer their space for rent in their off-hours. We provide a listing for your space so that people who are looking for a venue in Toronto can find you. This listing opens the door for you to set a standard rental rate or to negotiate a rental rate, as you prefer.

There are so many unique businesses in the Ossington and Bloorcourt areas that creative Toronto event planners can really do something unique. For example, a barbershop or hair salon could provide a surprisingly unique and accessible space for your upcoming meeting, party, non-profit, or corporate event.

If we had to sum up the spaces in these neighbourhoods in just one word, it would be “cool.” These Toronto event locations are diverse and exciting, from hair salons, restaurants, galleries, to recording studios. Any event held in one of these unique locations will certainly be an event to remember, especially if you’re dealing with a slightly more alternative crowd!

Both Ossington Village and Bloorcourt offer unique sights, sounds, and venues that can be found nowhere else in Canada. That’s the beauty of Toronto; there are so many incredible places hidden in plain view! That’s why we run Unique Spaces. We believe that you should be able to save a fortune on Toronto event spaces by renting exciting venues that will make your event something to remember! If you’d like to browse the Toronto event venues currently on offer, please visit our listings page. And if you have a space you would like to offer for renters, we invite you to register your venue today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Photo credit: Matilde Park


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