Toronto Neighbourhoods: A Look at Dundas West

What’s the Toronto event planning scene like around Dundas West?

Over the last few months, we’ve been taking a look at some of the best-known Toronto neighbourhoods, learning their history and discovering what makes them unique. What we’ve learned is that trying to pick a favourite Toronto neighbourhood is like trying to pick a favourite child! All of them have something unique and special that contributes to making Toronto one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in North America. It’s little wonder why so many people have trouble finding a Toronto event space—there’s always something cool going on!

We’ve already examined the potential for Toronto venues in the Trinity Bellwoods & Queen Street West areas, the Ossington Village & Bloorcourt neighbourhoods, and Cabbagetown. Now we’re going to head a bit west to one of the most happening areas in the entire city: Dundas West!

Dundas West: A Brief History

The funniest thing about historic Dundas Street is that, unlike most streets, it isn’t a straight line! At 23 kilometers, Dundas has many dips, kinks, and curves, cutting a twisty line from Scarborough all the way to Mississauga.

While the first section that would eventually become the modern Dundas Street was built in 1796, it didn’t take on its modern form until centuries later. Smaller streets and intersections were added and renamed to become part of Dundas over the years, making it more of a patchwork rather than a planned east-west route. Since its early days, Dundas has become one of the most essential streets in Toronto, one that countless people depend on for transport across the city.

When you think “Dundas Street,” you probably immediately think of Dundas Station on the TTC Line 1, or maybe Dundas Square. But if you continue further west, you’re going to discover a neighbourhood (and exciting Toronto venues) with culture and history all its own: Dundas West!

Dundas West Today

As the western section of one of the longest and most used streets in Toronto and the GTA, Dundas West runs through a variety of vastly different neighbourhoods. The Dundas West area is generally thought to run between Ossington and Lansdowne, and is the home of some incredible clothing stores, restaurants, hot nightlife spots, and some amazing Toronto event spaces!

For example, Dundas West cuts right through Little Portugal, home to many Portuguese immigrants, and the location of many stores and restaurants. If you’re looking for some absolutely delicious food, this is a neighbourhood worth exploring!

Dundas West also runs straight through one of the coolest and most desirable neighbourhoods currently in Toronto: The Junction. This area got its name from its location in the city at the junction of four railway lines.

Getting to the Dundas West area is easy—you get on the TTC Line 2 heading west and get off at Dundas West Station. Leaving the subway, you’ll find yourself at the corner of Dundas Street and Edna Avenue. There are a variety of streetcar and bus platforms that can take you to many of the other neighbourhoods that Dundas Street borders or runs through.

Dundas Station also finds itself near the Bloor GO Station, where people can catch the UP Express, a dedicated train that runs from Downtown Toronto to Pearson International Airport. Over the next few years, a direct connection between Dundas West Station and the Bloor GO Station will be created to eliminate any need to walk outside (very desirable in the wintertime)!

While Dundas West is not immune to gentrification (just like the rest of Toronto), there has been some significant resistance from local residences and stores to prevent it from becoming the next Queen West. The upside to this is that the rent is much cheaper than in similar areas of the city. If you’re looking for a Toronto event space in the Dundas West area, this can result in significant savings for your rental budget!

That said, many businesses in the area are still looking to boost their bottom lines by renting out their spaces to those seeking unique Toronto venues. If you’re currently in the middle of Toronto event planning, then Dundas West is an area that you likely want to check out for your Toronto event space!

If you’re looking for a Toronto event space in Dundas West (or any of the other neighbourhoods in Toronto), we invite you to explore our website. Toronto event planning is much easier when you can find the perfect Toronto venue without headache or hassle! If you’d like to learn more about Unique Spaces, please check out our FAQ.


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