Toronto Neighbourhoods: A Look at Trinity Bellwoods & Queen Street West

Toronto Neighbourhoods: A Look at Trinity Bellwoods & Queen Street West

What is your favourite Toronto neighbourhood?

For us here at Unique Spaces, that’s an almost impossible question to answer! We work with small businesses all over the city, helping them boost their incomes by renting out their spaces during off hours to people who are hunting for space to rent. Every single neighbourhood in Toronto has its own charm and style. That’s why we’re taking a look at them all, learning about each area’s history and unique charm.

Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods is a neighbourhood just south of Dundas, between Ossington Avenue and Bathurst Street. The question is, which came first? The neighbourhood or the name of the park? The neighbourhood was named after the park, not the other way around. Although the park was named after the college! More on that in a bit…

Trinity Bellwoods Park is one of the most beloved parks in the city. The park was built around the former Garrison Creek ravine and is a remarkable oasis of nature in the city. It has multiple tennis courts, rinks, playgrounds, a greenhouse, and even a swimming pool. Even better, there’s a farmer’s market every Tuesdays from spring to fall. It’s little wonder why this park is the pride of people from the greater area.

The Trinity Bellwoods area first got its start when Trinity College was built back in 1852 in the centre of the park. The location of the college spurred a burst of residential development, resulting in the construction of many tall, narrow houses that can still be seen today. Throughout the 20th century, Trinity Bellwoods became the home of immigrants of many different nationalities. Until the 60s, the neighbourhood was primarily Polish and Ukranian, but soon after, many Portugalise immigrants moved in. This influx of new immigration has defined the neighbourhood’s diverse character and appeal to this day.

Today, Trinity Bellwoods is a hotspot of economic activity resulting from the spillover of the high rents of Queen. If you’re looking for an abundance of lively bars, restaurants, and Toronto event spaces, Trinity Bellwoods has some of the best in the city!

Queen Street West

It’s difficult to understate just how recognizable Queen West is to both to those who live in Toronto and to those who are just visiting. It’s one of the premier tourist attractions and most-desirable neighbourhoods in the entire city.

Queen Street West has always been one of Toronto’s primary shopping districts since the 19th century and the original Eaton’s and Simpson’s department stores. The area between University and Spadina Avenues is considered to be one of the trendiest and most culturally active neighbourhoods in Toronto today.

Back in the 70s and 80s, Queen West was primarily known for cheap restaurants, bars, and the burgeoning Canadian punk rock scene. Check out this video, circa 1986, filmed in the heart of Queen West:

Back then, you could find super affordable housing along the entire strip of Queen Street West. (An indication of how much things have changed!)

Today, Queen West is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Toronto. High-end chain stores line the street, along with the broadcasting hub of Bell Media television, the former home of MuchMusic (simply known as Much today).

Just a little further down the street, you’ll find Toronto’s Fashion District. This area borders Trinity Bellwoods and shares an entrance to the park. The area is considered highly gentrified, with very high commercial and residential rents that make working and living there a bit of a struggle sometimes. Still, if you want the height of trendiness in Toronto for your Toronto event space, Queen West is where you want to be!

Creative Toronto Event Venues

Both Trinity Bellwoods and Queen West are two of the most recognizable and beloved neighbourhoods in Toronto. Likewise, they’re very popular locations to hold a multitude of events. With a high level of competition for Toronto event venues, it can be tricky to find the perfect spot. And when you’re running an event on a budget, it’s even more difficult to find the perfect Toronto event venue for an affordable price.

Because of the extremely high rents in these areas, it can cost a lot of money to land some of the more recognizable venues. Thankfully, there are alternatives that not many event planners know about!

Because of the high rent, small businesses can augment their income by offering their locations as Toronto event spaces during off-hours. As these spots aren’t dedicated to just events, and they would usually be closed anyways at the time of booking, you can often get a more moderate rental price. Renting one of our unique spaces will give you the benefit of renting in a desired neighbourhood like Queen Street West and Trinity Bellwoods while supporting a local business. It’s win: win!

If you run a business and would like to make it available for rent, we’d be happy to list you on our website! Your listing will help connect your small business with Toronto event planners looking for space.

To see what other Toronto event spaces we have currently on offer in the city, we invite you to visit our listings page. And if you have any questions about Unique Spaces or any of the Toronto event spaces we have listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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