Venue Owners

The space you work in can become the seed for your growth.

Being a passionate and committed small business owner is a labour of love. It takes long hours to keep the business going and generate more revenue. However, there are times when your space is not in use.  You don’t have to leave your space unused when you are out doing other things. Instead make your business bring in extra cash for your business.

Would you be interested in sharing your space with other small business owners, event planners or or Non-Profit organizations? Perhaps you don’t know that your space could be very useful hosting events such as product or book launches, photo shoots, auditions, fundraisers, corporate events, celebratory events and much more. There are lots of individuals that would willing to rent your space for private meetings, and if your space is large enough, it could be the perfect option for a fashion show. Isn’t this an excellent opportunity to make your space support your business by providing additional revenue?

Here is a new monthly fee-based service helping both Small and Medium sized businesses (SMB’s) in the GTA generate more revenue and become more financially secure – it is Unique Spaces. These newly formed alliances will help to create free advertising opportunities for you. This, in turn, not only helps you increase your client base but offers a golden opportunity to generate growth for your business.

Unique Spaces is committed to connecting venue seekers to interesting and affordable spaces provided by SMB’s like yours, and Non-Profit organizations. They get venues form businesses and organizations willing to rent their spaces for meetings and events.When you decide to list your business on Unique Spaces you will gain access to a network that will allow you to earn extra money to offset some of your costs and will also be exposing your business and market to new potential customers and increase visibility. No better way to help local and small business organizations become more financially secure – the vision of  Unique Spaces.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help your business achieve the growth you desire. So, Register Now? List your business and space and start enjoying right away.