Why are Toronto Venues so Expensive?! A Solution for Event Planners

Are you a budding entrepreneur, business owner, non-profit organizer, artist, or event planner? Are you wondering what to do when all the Toronto venues are so expensive?

We get it. It can be tough to run an event in Toronto, whether you’re a novice or a professional Toronto event planner. You’re probably operating under a ridiculously tight budget and time frame. As an event planner, the pressures can be daunting! You need to put on the best event possible, in a venue that’s big enough for everything but is also available for the dates requested—and at a price you can actually afford. And when you live in Toronto, that isn’t always feasible.

The cost of living is getting incredibly expensive here and throughout the GTA. Most dedicated Toronto event spaces know that they can get people to pay whatever price is necessary, especially for huge events like weddings or corporate gigs. This not only skyrockets the average cost of Toronto event spaces but also means that they’re usually booked months ahead of time. That’s fine if you’re working with a client who gives you an appropriate amount of time and budget to throw something together, but it’s super tricky if you’re an independent Toronto event organizer operating under tight constants.

The thing is, if you’re looking for an event space in Toronto for a reasonable price, you’ve got to get creative.

Toronto Venues: Creative Solutions

When you’re looking for an event space, you need to consider the supply and demand situation of Toronto event venues. Standard event venues are probably just too expensive and not even on the table for your small Toronto event. If you think apartment rental prices are high, get ready for sticker shock when you look at the usual Toronto venue rental listings.

In this economy, you need to be creative in order to be successful. This actually creates an opportunity for both event planners and small business owners…

Look for a Unique Space! Try a Unique Toronto Event Venue

Here is the secret behind finding affordable venues in Toronto: you don’t NEED to rent a normal, dedicated event space. In fact, that’s a surefire way to waste money.

Instead, you should be looking for alternative, unique venues to host your Toronto events. You don’t need a hall that seats upwards of 800 people if your event is going to be for under a hundred, and you don’t need all the bells and whistles for a an artistic or non-profit event. For smaller, more modest events, you should be looking for a Toronto space that offers you much more for your money.

Small and medium-sized businesses around Toronto have woken up to this opportunity and are now offering their spaces during the hours when they are closed for event planners just like you. These spaces are sitting there empty for many hours of the day, which is money wasted when they could be offering them as unique spaces to event planners!

These unique spaces range from art galleries to barbershops to restaurants. In other words, they’re perfect for smaller-scale events that would typically cost a fortune to hold. When you’re dealing with a small business rather than a dedicated event space, you can negotiate a fair price for both of you. Not only will this save you and your clients a ton of money, but it will also give attendees something to remember. Rather than a dull, nondescript event location, your event could take place somewhere exciting and unique! What a great talking point!

Toronto Venues: How Does Unique Spaces Toronto Work?

We are pleased to help offer a solution for non-profits and budget conscious Toronto event planners, as well as to small businesses that might be struggling with high overhead. It’s our passion to connect small and medium-sized businesses with the Toronto event planners who could use their spaces during off hours.

We change businesses a very modest fee (currently waived during our launch period!) to list their business on our website, and we list the spaces of non-profit organizations for free. Either way, this is a huge opportunity to bring in additional income at times when spaces would otherwise be empty.

We also help connect Toronto event organizers with exciting unique venues. If you’d be interested in being included in our list, please contact us today with some details about your event planning business!

Affordable Toronto Event Venues

Finding a great space for a Toronto event can be a massive pain but not if you’re looking in the right (and unexpected) places. Unique Spaces can help make your Toronto event planning a huge success by connecting you with a Toronto event space that won’t break the bank, rescuing your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about all of our exciting event locations!

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